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Published August 2, 2012 by seraphym13

Who in the world would have thunk this one?  After finding out in March that I was expecting (much to my shock I might add!!)  I searched the web high and low for blogs about pregnancy and motherhood that weren’t too chirpy and nauseating OR so scary I wanted to retreat into the fetal (Hah) position and rock back and forth in terror after reading them.  I came across these gems so far…

  •  This is a great blog, she’s so candid and gives great advice.  I read her entire blog, archives and all over the course of a week!
  • I really enjoy reading the Pregnancy Calendar on this site every Friday to see how the little MMA fighter in my belly is progressing!
  • This lady is freaking hysterical, she seriously tells it how it is!
  • Ahh Ariel, I really admire her…after being a faithful follower of her Offbeat Bride website, this was the only natural choice!

Any other suggestions out there?