Food Blogs…

Published August 2, 2012 by seraphym13

I am really really really obsessed with food blogs lately, I find myself looking at this one in particular daily: .  She posts THE most drool worthy pictures I’ve ever seen.  Thank GOD the food gods smiled down upon me the other day and magically put BLUEBERRY doughnuts in the case in Shop Rite! I’d been staring at her recipe and pictures for them for weeks now, and with my paltry baking skills, I didn’t dare try to make them!

I daresay hers were a gazillion times better than those, but at least they warded off the terrible cravings I’d had for them! Oh dear…now I want them again!!  HELP!!!  Will someone make them for me and just drop them off at my house?  Kthankxbye!

I did try to recreate her roasted tomato panzanella salad, and I must say, it came out pretty well!  Even the Mr. was impressed.  Although I never knew how STINKY the house would become after making a balsamic vinegar reduction. It smelled like we had made about a thousand Easter Eggs!

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Hello world!

Published August 2, 2012 by seraphym13

Welcome to my blog! This is where I’ll be writing about pregnancy, impending motherhood, my culinary (mis)adventures and my unhealthy obsession with nail polish!  I hope you enjoy it!