Tuesday Stuff

Published August 14, 2012 by seraphym13

That dessert last week was simply amazing! My Husband and friends all enjoyed it and now, 3 days later, we are stilllll eating it! Of course it’s not as fresh as it once was, but damn is it good.  I won’t be making it again anytime soon because it’s so dangerous! Lol.  Here’s a few pictures of it I took on Friday night:


That’s pre-brownie batter…


 Ready to go into the oven!


Delicious!!  Although, I wonder if it might have been better with 2 boxes of chocolate chip cookie mix on the bottom? That layer was rather thin and hard to spread out, but it rose nicely when baked so I guess it was ok after all. A small piece was all that was needed to satisfy!

This week’s culinary adventures consist of baked garlic and herb chicken drumsticks with roasted Brussels sprouts and baked potatoes. Did I take a picture of said dinner? Um no.. I kinda forgot. You can certainly SMELL the chicken in the house still! Unfortunately, it’s still hot and humid outside and I can’t open the windows to air out the house. Tonight, I will be making turkey schnitzels with peas, potatoes with lovely dill sauce. I will definitely be taking pictures of that for another post. It’s a recipe my father came up with, though I started making it with ground turkey instead of beef and loved it so much, I decided to keep making it that way.

My parents are on a road trip this week so we have a little lodger in the house,  Katy!  She is my quality control checker for all my meals. She likes to give the paw of approval to whatever I cook.  She might be mostly deaf and blind in one eye, but she still has good taste!


All tuckered out after a long day of watching me in the kitchen! 

Time for chocolate milk now!  Yes, that craving is still going strong.


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