Pregnancy so far..

Published August 3, 2012 by seraphym13

So, as of today, I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and wondering..  is this kid doing somersaults wearing spiky golf shoes in there?  And hello…can you please stop kicking me in the crotch? It’s rather disconcerting and it makes me jump in my chair, and that kinda looks stupid!

This little guy in my belly sure likes to make himself known now.  Long gone are the days of faint thumping or little teeny flutters that I was pretty sure were gas bubbles!  They’ve been replaced with kicks and punches and all sorts of acrobatics! I wish I could see what he was doing in there!  It’s also the week of OMFG I want chocolate milk and bagels like NOW!!  Yes, I had given up on the so called pregnancy cravings because I hadn’t really craved anything specific for a couple of weeks.  I thought I was so over all that, only to find myself chugging the last few precious drops of my tiny bottle of Nestle`s Quik like someone who’s walked 10 miles in the desert !!!  I had to satisfy my continuing cravings for it with a packet of Chocolate Instant Breakfast.  THE HORROR!!  Not bad, but didn’t quite do the trick for me.  We all know where I’m going later on today..yaknowhatimean?

I’m mainly glad that the STUFFY NOSE FROM HELL has gotten much, much more manageable.  If you’d asked me about it a couple of months ago, I probably would have ripped your head off.  I mean, how much more difficult can being pregnant be? If you’re lucky enough to not be puking 24/7, you can’t breathe normally 24/7!  It’s extremely frustrating   being stuffed up night and day and HEAVEN FORBID you get anywhere near a prone position, because if you like taking in all that lovely oxygen, you’re screwed!  I went to the Doctor in utter desperation about it and left with a prescription for allergy medicine since if I was able to breathe normally for more than FIVE minutes, I’d have sneezing fits so bad, they would just take care of all that lovely breathing for me themselves. So, my advice to all you lovely ladies who come across this:  BUY A TRUCKLOAD OF BREATHE RIGHT ADVANCED NOSE STRIPS!  Yes, that’s right, you’re going to look like a pregnant linebacker while wearing them, but hell, if it enables you to breathe just enough to frigging sleep, you’ll be sooo damn happy.  I certainly was!

UGGH..3:11am and now I want chocolate milk! Mmmmmmmm…..lemme get my shoes, 7/11 is still open isn’t it?


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